CDM Consultancy

Planning, designing and managing safety

Our consultancy services ensure clients meet all health and safety obligations. Steps are taken at every stage to avoid hazards and reduce risks.


BakerHicks provides tailored and experienced CDM consultancy services to ensure clients meet all the health and safety obligations for their construction project.

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, clients have a duty to ensure that health and safety is given the highest priority during the planning and execution stages of all building works.

Early in the pre-construction phase of a project, the client must appoint a “Principal Designer” to coordinate planning and design activities and ensure that steps are taken in design to avoid hazards and reduce risks.

At the same time, the client must appoint a “Principal Contractor” to manage construction work and ensure safe working in relation to workers, the public and others.


For Clients we advise on…

  • Selecting a Principal Designer, one with the right knowledge and experience for the project

  • Auditing Principal Designer activities

  • Notifying the H&S Executive

  • The adequacy of the Principal Contractor’s construction phase (H&S) plan.

For Principal Designers we advise on...

  • Identifying and issuing existing site information

  • Facilitating and supporting design reviews

  • Initiating and maintaining the risk register

  • Identifying key issues for Principal Contractor liaison

  • Confirming requirements for and preparation of the H&S File.