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Bernd Bayer .

Bernd Bayer
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Head of Compliance

With over 20 years’ industry experience as both a project manager in plant construction and a compliance specialist, Bernd leads the team which forms the link between Quality Assurance and the project itself. His primary role is to lead on the development of compliance processes, working alongside team leaders to ensure that market guidelines have been understood and met before a project moves to the quality assurance stage.

With a passion for driving advancements, Bernd enjoys playing his part in improving industry standards. He has helped develop the breadth of knowledge captured through the company’s engineering toolbox initiative to create strong processes which guarantee project quality. Bernd is also committed to reducing carbon emissions, exploring creative project solutions which contribute to wider sustainability targets.

Clear communication is vital to ensuring that the project and its component parts are fully understood by both the client and the delivery team. Regulations provide the framework. We want to speak one language, on a technical and documentation level, so that both sides understand the complete project journey.

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