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Christoph Lauer .

Christoph Lauer
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Head of Germany

As head of a successful and growing office, Christoph’s primary focuses are on organisational strategy and the development of personnel. He works closely with the business’ German-based clients to understand their project needs and overall strategies, strengthening these links and ensuring seamless delivery at the right time for them.

Graduating with a degree in chemistry, Christoph studied pharmacology before entering the pharmaceutical industry. With over 30 years’ experience, he has a skill for assembling talented teams and enjoys seeing an individual’s progression, particularly those at entry or graduate level. Christoph instils the importance of understanding a client’s vision and actively encourages a design process which can lead to creative and sustainable solutions, with benefits that exceed the original brief.

It’s often useful for engineers to understand the thought processes behind a client’s proposal; how they’ve got to the design stage and which options have been rejected and why. Knowing what they’re hoping to achieve can inform the best way forward – the best route isn’t always the easiest so it’s important we make this depth of experience available for the very best project result.