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Axel Bach .

Axel Bach
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Director, Germany

As head of a successful and growing team, Axel’s primary focuses are on organisational strategy and the development of personnel. He works closely with the business’ Germany-based clients to understand their project needs and overall strategies, strengthening these links and ensuring seamless delivery at the right time for them.

A qualified plant and process engineer with over 20 years’ experience, Axel’s client-first philosophy has also seen him manage a number of high-profile projects. He is skilled at dealing with a range of engineering challenges, values teamwork and enjoys sharing his passion for the industry with likeminded peers.

Flexibility, willingness to learn and communication are important traits for anyone looking to work in engineering. Design alterations are always a possibility, often outside an engineer’s control so an ability to cope with change, whilst keeping on top of all the latest regulations and technology is absolutely key. As is communication both with the client and your colleagues; it’s important to create environments in which people feel comfortable asking questions and talking things through.

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