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Markus Portmann .

Markus Portmann
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Director, HVAC & Sanitary

Markus is a ventilation engineer who specialises in HVAC engineering and consultancy. With knowledge amassed from over 30 years in the pharma, biotech and chemical industries, he provides technical guidance and support to junior engineers, increasing their involvement in projects to develop skills through practical experience.

On the client side, Markus enjoys all stages of the project delivery, from consulting through to the commissioning, using his extensive experience to inform the concept and set, and keep, the project on track. He ensures that our teams truly understand and implement a client’s strategy, guiding them through each stage of the design process and encouraging open communication throughout.

The most interesting part of a design is when we get to develop it in a virtual environment. As multi-disciplinary teams, modelling technology underpins everything we do – whether the focus is on airflow or thermals, a simulation provides engineers with supporting data about the system and its effect which can then be fine-tuned before implementation.

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