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Trevor Strahan .

Trevor Strahan
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Director, BIM

Trevor is a chartered architect, leading a high performing UK BIM team in projects across the sectors. Through the use of BIM and digital technology, their expertise is recognised as making an important contribution to the world of design, construction, and operation.

With over 18 years’ industry experience as a project architect, design team leader, and BIM Information Manager, Trevor is our resident BIM expert, ensuring quality and tailored information is available throughout the project stages.

With concepts such as digital twin, generative design, machine learning and artificial intelligence, innovation and the world of BIM go hand in hand. The integration of smart technology and BIM will ultimately help translate the design and construction digitisation into something people can use every day. Through smart phones, we can now connect with the digital building, allowing us to make better decisions, be more comfortable and ensure the building works more efficiently.

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