19 JUL 2017

AWE awards five-year Managed Services contract to BakerHicks

BakerHicks, the multi-disciplinary design and engineering company, has been awarded a new five-year Managed Services contract by the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), providing support in the capture, recording, updating, management and maintenance of AWE’s baseline configuration data.

BakerHicks’ Configuration Management capability includes the detailed recording and maintenance of facilities’ physical and technical information. The information and specification is securely recorded and maintained to ensure safe operational, maintenance, upgrade, replacement and decommissioning activities.

BakerHicks has an established track record with AWE, initially in CAD Management, setting up processes and procedures for drawing production, publishing and storage that are recognised as best in class. It is now continuing to work with AWE in ensuring the integrity, accuracy, security and quality of the information recorded, harnessing the benefits of 3D Modelling and BIM with fully embedded asset information. 

Gavin Burt, director for defence at BakerHicks says that configuration is about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time: 

“It means driving greater efficiencies, supporting the facilities management operation and ensuring operators, maintainers and modifiers’ time on site is fully utilised by having detailed information available at their fingertips. Put simply, it means providing one version of the truth to enable informed decision making.”

The contract was awarded to BakerHicks by AWE Management Limited, and will comprise a team of more than 50 with more than 500 years of accrued knowledge. The company originally started working with the AWE in 2006, and the new contract is effective from 1st July 2017 and runs for five years.