03 DEC 2020

BakerHicks join Sizewell C Consortium

BakerHicks, the multidisciplinary design, engineering and project delivery company, have signed up to the Sizewell C Consortium.

This sees them join over 100 leading organisations in supporting the proposal to build Sizewell C in Suffolk as Britain’s next nuclear power station. If approved, Sizewell C’s low carbon energy production will contribute significantly to the UK’s net zero target ambitions, as well as providing jobs in a highly skilled sector.

Dave Gorringe, Head of Nuclear at BakerHicks, says:

“The Consortium is an important driver in helping secure approval for the new nuclear development proposed at Sizewell, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Nuclear power has a big role to play. It will support the drive to secure more sustainable clean energy; meeting the country’s needs, all whilst helping to achieve net zero by 2030.”
Find out more about the Sizewell C Consortium: https://www.sizewellcconsortium.com/