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Gavin Garner .

Gavin Garner
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Director, Front End Innovation

A chartered chemical engineer, Gavin has over 20 years’ experience of working within highly regulated, complex manufacturing environments. Gavin has led key strategic projects in the delivery phase and is one of our subject matter experts for site master planning, process architecture and process systems to support early phase conversations with clients.

Gavin specialises in designing GMP facilities for API production and fine chemicals, with a focus on reaction and separation. He is also highly experienced in working on upper tier COMAH and cGMP sites manufacturing speciality chemicals.

We work in creative industries that have regulatory boundaries or frameworks to protect people and our world. These shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a reason to restrict innovation –
quite the opposite. We’re all problem solvers at heart. Some of the most effective solutions come from thinking differently, whether by taking inspiration from other industries, or using existing technologies in completely different ways.

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