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Rainer Haynl .

Rainer Haynl
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Director, Pharma Services

With a post graduate diploma in advanced pharmaceutical engineering and over 20 years’ experience specialising in operational management, operations engineering and lean maintenance planning, Rainer is responsible for health and safety as well as construction management services across Europe. In addition to the responsibilities as a department head, he remains active in projects as a subject matter expert.

A complete team player, Rainer believes that relationship building amongst project teams is just as important as building robust processes. His technical know-how means he can deal with some highly complex client needs, quickly agreeing solutions which are right first time and for the long term.

Lean construction management is a brilliant philosophy. It’s about working closely with people, across a number of project milestones to maximise client value and minimise waste. Open dialogue is key, we’re always questioning both the process and the progress to really focus on the necessities. Ultimately, the aim is to have a detailed plan for every day.

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