20 OCT 2015

Helping clients through CDM Regulatory Changes

October 2015 sees the end transitional phase

As of 6th October 2015, the transitional provisions that have been in place since April of this year have come to an end, meaning clients must appoint, in writing, a principal designer to all live projects.

Under CDM Regulations 2015 L153: ‘The duration of the principal designer’s appointment should take into account any design work which may continue into the construction phase or any issues that may arise during construction involving the need to make suitable modifications to the designs.’

Peter Brookes, BakerHicks’ CDM manager, says careful consideration is required on a project-by-project basis:

"We have the knowledge and experience to provide practical advice and assistance to clients in relation to their duties. Complying with the regulations doesn’t need to be an upheaval if it’s well managed, so it’s important we remind clients of this service to ease them through these recent changes."