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World renowned overhead line expert joins BakerHicks .

News 02 May 2024

Ruy Menezes joins power sector team to provide industry expertise and run internal academy.

Highlights .

  • Helping develop high voltage offering to meet changing industry demands
  • Establishment of internal academy, providing graduate engineers with mentorship
  • Contributing to CIGRE events, working groups and publications

Ruy Menezes has joined design, engineering and project delivery company, BakerHicks, strengthening their overhead line expertise.

Bringing over 40 years’ experience in designing transmission lines in South America, combined with his academic and research pedigree as a professor at UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) in Southern Brazil, Ruy is internationally known within the power sector. He has a particular expertise in the research and reliability-based design of overhead lines. A civil, structural and electrical engineer by trade, he also has a PhD from Innsbruck University in reliability and modelling uncertainties on overhead lines and has been active in research, as well as in applications of these concepts in the industry. 

Ruy will work with the BakerHicks high voltage team to develop their offering and help them meet the demands of a fast changing industry as it adapts to the challenges of meeting global sustainability targets. He will also be responsible for the establishment and running of an internal academy for the company’s new graduate engineers, providing them with the knowledge and mentorship they need to hit the ground running in their careers as overhead line designers.

He is also a regular contributor to CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Electriques), the power sector industry body, events, working groups and publications, including papers and technical brochures.

Ruy, says he is looking forward to the challenge his new role brings: “The sector is facing huge challenges right now around energy transition and climate change. Consultancies such as BakerHicks will be facing an increase in overhead line projects relating to these challenges. As a result, they need in-house development, and this is where I can add real value. I am looking forward to using my experience, both as an engineer and research academic in the field to help deliver new methodologies and ways of thinking that will transform how we power the world.”

Lucas Wille, Director for Power at BakerHicks, added: “Ruy not only brings a rare level of experience, he also has one of the most scientific, technical and curious minds in our industry. I am excited for those graduates joining us who will be under Ruy’s wing in our new internal academy. It is important to develop new talent in the industry, bringing fresh ideas and new ways of thinking that will help us overcome the challenges our industry is facing as we look to develop cleaner energies and achieve net zero.

As a company we pride ourselves on our innovative designs and I am confident Ruy’s skill in developing new design methodologies and understanding of the sector worldwide will help us rise to this challenge.”

Ruy acted as invited lecturer at the recent CIGRE Conference organised by their Polish National Committee, covering themes such as structural dynamic analysis of large overhead line crossings and how to codify actions of non-synoptic wind on overhead lines.

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