19 JUN 2019

Gearing up for take-off: Heathrow unveils expansion masterplans

This week was a big one for the future growth plans of the UK aviation industry, with the UK and Europe’s, busiest airport, Heathrow, revealing its preferred masterplan for expansion. The public will now have the opportunity to feedback on the proposals as part of the 12 week Airport Expansion Consultation period.

With the number of people travelling by air continually growing, airports need to look ahead to meet predicted demands. Heathrow’s masterplan details how the airport plans to deliver a new runway, expanded terminals and the supporting infrastructure, including public transport links, to allow for the forecasted growth in passenger numbers. The developments within the masterplan are phased incrementally, allowing the airport to expand at a rate that mirrors the increasing numbers of passengers passing through its terminals over the period 2026-2050. Crucially for passengers, this will help keep air fares at affordable rates, with Heathrow’s aim being to keep airport charges close to 2016 levels to allow them to deliver this.

This long-term thinking will allow the airport to deliver what is ultimately the end game in this industry; safe, sustainable and efficient operations that give the passenger the best possible travel experience. Upgrading and enhancing the facilities available is a key element of this. As a framework partner at Heathrow, our teams have worked on over 500 schemes at the airport in the past 20 years. The aim has always been to create seamless journeys and positive experiences for passengers and crews, in conjunction with improving efficiency for operators and airlines through intelligent engineering. It’s great to see this continued through the masterplans unveiled this week and we look forward to seeing these ideas develop into reality.

For more information visit Heathrow's dedicated consultation website.

Rob Reid, Director - Aviation