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Designer .

Working across the sectors, in roles from design management and BIM to augmented and virtual reality, our teams convert client visions into ready-to-build designs using the latest digital technologies.

Facts .

Our day to day.

Designers are at the core of a project’s delivery. We use our technical know-how to understand and test every detail of the design. We’re responsible for translating design concepts into working, virtual models, helping clients to understand and virtually experience their potential building, facility or space, along with construction logistics including the quantifying of costs. Through the process, design teams are able to push boundaries and scrutinise every aspect of a project, keeping it on track, within budget and as environmentally friendly as it can be, for the long term. 


We work in a highly complex environment in terms of framework parameters. We are at the heart of digitalisation, which in this case is also synonymous with internationalisation, as you get to operate globally now and work with teams and clients from different cultures. Therefore, a certain level of intercultural competence and teamwork is required. On the technical side, you need to have a good spatial imagination and a fable for technical processes and structured thinking.

Timo Rohrer Director, Plant Design & Digital Solutions

How we make a difference.

We deliver value using digital technology to benefit the real world. We work in all sectors and by creating digital representations of a building, facility or space, we’re able to collaborate across the complete project delivery team, wherever they’re based. We share complex information in new and simple ways, ultimately helping clients make the best decisions, well before construction begins.


With concepts such as digital twin, generative design, machine learning and artificial intelligence, innovation and the world of BIM go hand in hand. The integration of smart technology and BIM will ultimately help translate the design and construction digitisation into something people can use every day. Through smart phones, we can now connect with the digital building, allowing us to make better decisions, be more comfortable and ensure the building works more efficiently.

Trevor Strahan Director, BIM

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