Tails Management Facility

Design of a facility to process URENCO’s European inventory of depleted uranium by-product for long-term storage. 

Client: URENCO
Value: Confidential

During the uranium enrichment process, depleted uranium hexafluoride (UF6) is produced as ‘tails’, containing 20-30% of natural uranium 235 concentration. URENCO required a facility to process this depleted uranium by-product for future re-enrichment by de-conversion, for safe long-term storage.

Our team delivered the process, reference and detailed design stages of the project, as well as enabling works and engineering support. A substantial part of our team was embedded within the EPC contractor, as well as providing continued support throughout commissioning and into project completion.

Relationship Building  

The success of the work we carried out, as well as our collaborative approach to project delivery, were key factors in the award of the Legacy Cylinder Facility project with Urenco Nuclear Stewardship.