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Large Scale Cell Culture .

Setting new standards in cell cultivation worldwide.

Large Scale Cell Culture

Highlights .

  • Complete integration of the plant in the digital engineering platform 

  • Greater manufacturing flexibility through implementation of an optimised building architecture 

  • Maximum throughput with highest product variation 

Working with one of the world’s leading research-driven pharmaceutical companies, BakerHicks recently helped to deliver a new 56,000 m2 biopharmaceutical multi-product plant in Vienna, which sets new standards in cell cultivation worldwide.

Maximising automation and flexibility in plant design, the new facility enables vastly increased capacities for the simultaneous production of a variety of products. An extensive facility housing 48 bioreactors with a total capacity of 185,000 litres, the Large Scale Cell Culture (LSCC) project utilises digital twin, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to support production processes and fast product change overs, creating one of the most advanced biopharmaceutical multi-product facilities in the world. 

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