Heathrow Airport, T4 Tomorrow

Keeping a busy airport terminal operating with minimal disruption in a high profile environment

Security requirements integrated within design, providing maximum protection for passengers

Energy efficient systems, effectively modelled to maximise architectural design

Reduced operating costs provided through low energy, sustainable design

Client: Heathrow Airport Limited
Value: £150m

High Profile

A high profile and large-scale refurbishment conducted in a live airport environment, the T4 Tomorrow project provided passengers with a modern, high quality terminal building that delivers a world class passenger experience. It kept a busy terminal fully operational throughout the construction of the 180 metre extension, providing Heathrow with new airline accommodation, lounges and baggage system upgrades to deliver passengers a vastly improved experience.

Working in close collaboration with the architect, civil and structural engineers and BAA, BakerHicks provided building services for the project from brief to build. Key services included:

  • Design of lighting, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy systems
  • Design of a new electrical substation
  • Integration of safety measures into building services’ designs

User Experience

With Terminal 4 seeing around 9.5m passengers pass through its gates every year, it was imperative that the terminal was kept operational throughout the works and passenger safety and comfort was not compromised. Our engineers worked with the wider design team to implement phasing throughout the works that minimised the impact and downtime of services to other parts of the airport. This was particularly important with the build of the new substation, designed by our engineers to secure resilience in electrical supply for the foreseeable future. Passenger safety was also incorporated into our designs and the planning of the works. We designed in measures that will help protect passengers in the event of a terrorist attack, without increasing the prime cost.

The passenger experience and comfort was a key requirement on the project, we worked closely with the architect to develop a glazed façade that optimised natural daylight, ensuring a pleasant environment is created within an architecturally striking structure. Our engineers also designed energy and air conditioning systems that maximise air infiltration and reduce solar heat gains, ensuring comfortable internal conditions are maintained at all times whilst reducing the space and plant required for HVAC. This resulted in energy savings 20% below Part L Building Regulation requirements, as well as reducing the need for structural steel reinforcement through smaller plant sizes which reduced the cost of the project.

The project was delivered in the high profile environment of a major international airport without disrupting operations and providing a secure, comfortable and architecturally striking terminal, giving Heathrow’s passengers a first class travel experience.